As your State Senator, I won’t be afraid to lead on the toughest challenges, and I will advocate for gun safety legislation that will help keep our neighborhoods, and our children, safe. Now more than ever, Maryland needs to be a leader on gun safety. This year there were four emergency bills in the General Assembly that had my strong support - they would make our schools safer by strengthening background checks, increasing mental health services, assigning more school resource officers with the proper training, and providing funding for common-sense measures to help protect children.

At the same time, we need to stop discussing ridiculous ideas like arming our teachers, who are already pressed for the resources they need to teach. But we must go further: we need to provide universal background checks on all private purchases and we need to finish the job this session by passing strong legislation currently being considered to ban bump stocks, require domestic abusers to surrender their firearms, and to create a "red flag" rule to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. We don't need to have a discussion about gun safety OR school safety - we can and must do both.