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The Chesapeake Bay is our greatest natural resource, our economic engine, and key to our way of life. We’ve made tremendous progress in restoring and protecting the Bay over the last forty years, but overdevelopment, pollution, climate change, and sea level rise present significant threats that require local solutions.

  • Oysters are natural filters for the Bay, yet we have seen populations dwindle to a fraction of historic population size. We must create an economic incentive to restore the Chesapeake Bay by investing in oysters, protecting our watermen, and promoting oyster aquaculture.
  • Our community is blessed to have an abundance of access to the water, but that means we are also the most vulnerable to rising seas. Maryland must continue to lead the fight against climate change and sea level rise by achieving 50% renewable energy and creating good, green jobs, such as manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines, right here in Maryland.
  • We need to grow smarter, grow greener, and grow in service of the people who live here. That means protecting our trees by strengthening Maryland’s Forest Conservation Act and preserving our critical areas through better enforcement.
  • Farmers are critical partners in protecting our environment. We need to help offset the financial burden and incentivize best management practices for farms by providing support to farmers to use healthy soil, increase cover crops, and build streamside buffers and streamside fencing will minimize runoff.
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