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Meet Sarah


Elected in 2018 to represent Annapolis and southern Anne Arundel County, Senator Sarah Elfreth is the youngest woman ever elected to the Maryland Senate. Growing up, Sarah learned the values of hard work and public service from her union-member parents and with the benefit of an excellent public school education. Expanding opportunity and access for all - from our natural resources, to quality education, and economic opportunities - are at the center her public service and have been a consistent theme throughout her work.

As Senator, Sarah serves on the Budget & Taxation Committee, as the Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area, and as one of two senators representing Maryland on the multi-state Chesapeake Bay Commission. In her first legislative session, Sarah worked with colleagues across the aisle to pass eight of the nine bills she sponsored - on issues ranging from increasing oversight and transparency of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents, strengthening reporting of environmental violations, establishing State funds to address the backlog of untested rape kits and provide legal fees for Title IX proceedings, and to build a consensus-based, stakeholder-led, and science-driven fisheries management plan for oysters.

THANK YOU! The election results are in, and I am honored that the voters of District 30 have chosen me to be your next Senator.

I decided to run for office because I believe every person in our community — but especially every child — should have the same opportunities to succeed. This campaign started nearly two years ago in living rooms, around kitchen tables, and at doorsteps throughout our District.

Together, we centered our campaign on the values that shaped my life and matter most to our state and community: investing in education, protecting the Bay, improving access to affordable and high-quality child care and healthcare, and fighting for working families.

To quote, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” That sentiment has been the heart of this campaign and will be the heart of my service to District 30.

I cannot wait to represent you and fight for those values in the Senate. Thank you for your vote of confidence and trust in me.

The gravity of this moment is not lost on me. 250 years ago, Charles Carroll held this Senate seat representing our community. In the ensuing centuries, while our Senators have done tremendous work on behalf of the people of District 30, they have all looked like Charles Carroll. On November 6th, Anne Arundel County made history by sending not one but two women to the Maryland Senate. Congratulations to my dear friend and colleague, Pam Beidle - I’m so excited to be breaking this glass ceiling with you.

Thank you to every volunteer who knocked on a door, made a phone call, or wrote a postcard. Thank you to every supporter who hosted a house party, donated to the campaign, or stood at a poll. Thank you to my family, my incredible campaign team, and Senator John Astle and Speaker Mike Busch. Tonight's victory would not have been possible without your passion, energy, and faith in strengthening our community together.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.






As a proud product of public schools, Sarah believes that every child deserves access to a high-quality public education. As your Senator, Sarah will be committed to expanding technical and career education to prepare kids for 21st century jobs, increasing teacher salaries to keep experience in our classrooms, and investing in universal pre-kindergarten. Sarah is proud to be endorsed by the Maryland State Education Association. Learn more.


Work Hard For Working Families

As the daughter of a train engineer and probation officer, Sarah knows we need a range of jobs—from small business, to blue collar, to hi-tech. As your Senator, Sarah will invest in infrastructure, give businesses the tools they need to create jobs, and help make childcare more affordableLearn more.

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The Bay is our greatest natural resource, our economic engine, and key to our way of life. As your Senator, Sarah will help increase oyster populations, invest in clean energy jobs, and fight to protect our forests and critical areas. Sarah is proud to be endorsed by both the Sierra Club and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.   Learn more.


Move Health Care Forward & Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Access to affordable, quality health care is a fundamental right. As your Senator, Sarah will never stop fighting for affordable, accessible, innovate health care and treatment, that works for all Marylanders.   Learn more.