Women for Sarah

Women have always been the backbone of political campaigns. I'm incredibly grateful to the hundreds of women who have contributed to this campaign (an outstanding 53 percent of donors!) and volunteered over the last year. To keep that momentum going, we started a “Women for Sarah” list to support and assist me in the campaign. 

I'm running because I’m committed to Annapolis and South County, I’m committed to protecting the Bay, I’m committed to strengthening public schools, and I’m committed to supporting families in the fight for more affordable childcare and healthcare. I am proud to have been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the teachers, the League of Conservation Voters, and powerhouse women like Delegate Pam Beidle, Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk, former Delegate Virginia Clagett, and Alderwomen Sheila Finlayson, Shaneka Henson, and Elly Tierney.

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Thank you to the over 250 women who have already joined "Women for Sarah":

Dr. Marcianna Rodriguez - Hillsmere

Vickie Gipson - Annapolis

The Honorable Virginia Clagett - West River

Amy Clements - Murray Hill

Dorothy D'Amato - Bay Ridge

Lyn Farrow - Annapolis

Dr. Caren Carney - Edgewater

Janet Norman - Annapolis

Hannah Garagiola - Annapolis

Pamela Guedel - Annapolis

Lisa Lewnes - Annapolis

Whitney Sweet - Epping Forest

Janey Powers - Tracys Landing

Helen Chin - Annapolis

Ann Purcell - Eastport

Lynne Davidson - Murray Hill

Dawn Davis - Arundel on the Bay

Maggie Dillon - Eastport

Michelle LeFurge - Annapolis

Tara Clifford - Edgewater

Laurel Maury - Annapolis

Debbie McGlauflin - Annapolis

Geneva McGlauflin - Annapolis

Jennifer Palmieri - Mayo

Gwenyth Petras - West Annapolis

Patricia Suriano - Hillsmere

Suzanne Martin - Hillsmere

Gail Maury - Annapolis

Cathy Larner-Beckett - Heritage Harbour

Florence Kurdle - Chesapeake Harbor

Tracy McGranaghan - Annapolis

Jean Moreau - Eastport

Lisa Pline - West Annapolis

Roxana Rodriguez - Annapolis

Sari Kiraly - Eastport

Eileen Leahy - Murray Hill

Carol McLaine - Acton's Landing

Sara Schomig - Epping Forest

Marcia Verploegen Lewis - Eastport

Betty McGarvie Crowley - Heritage Harbour

Cathy Webber - Heritage Harbour

Susan Zellers - Annapolis

Ava Hill - Galesville

Prue Clendding - Mayo

Judy Billage - Eastport

Karen Goldman - Rolling Hills

Linda Greene - Edgewater

Susan Krohn - Downtown

Phyllis Naditch - West Annapolis

Polly Peters - Homewood

Beth Peters - General's Highway

Maggie Rauh - Shady Side

Rachel Prendergast - Annapolis Overlook

Debbie Dillon - Eastport

Kristin Pagent - Arundel on the Bay

Sylvia Jennings - Edgewater

Peggy Goldsmith - Heritage Harbour

Ginger Kauppi - Heritage Harbour

Rainette Bannon - Annapolis

Lauren Bloom - Edgewater

Joan Froelicher - Annapolis

Joyann Evans - Churchton

Norma Underwood - Heritage Harbour

Susan Kames - Annapolis

Megan McGilvray - Epping Forest

Karen Babich - Churchton

The Honorable Barbara Samorajczyk - Murray Hill

Joan Bellestri - Annapolis

Veronica Lefebvre - Churchton

Katherine Cahill - Annapolis

Kathleen Gallagher - Murray Hill

Cheryl Mehnke - Annapolis

Mitchelle Stephenson - Edgewater

Darlene Washington - Harwood

Jeannette Johnson - Deale

Barbara Averch - Heritage Harbour

Jane Lawrence - Eastport

Donna Stephens - Annapolis

Kris Smith - Edgewater

Cynthia Chess-Overton - Annapolis

Jessica Pachler - Eastport

Laney Forge - Southwoods

Jan Little - Heritage Harbour

Janet Jakusz Favero - Homewood

Sandy Stevenson - Annapolis

Angel Traynor - Annapolis

Vivikka Molldrem - Mayo

VK Holtzendorf - Shady Side

Kit Cahill - Annapolis

Eileen O'Brien - Edgewater

Jeannie Berkinshaw - Wardour

Ann Berger - Annapolis

Jean Gruber - Heritage Harbour

Karen Muir - Annapolis

Maggie Balacki - Heritage Harbour

Ruth Berlin - Epping Forest

Tara Potter - Autumn Chase

Patricia Miller - Annapolis

Gail DellaPelle - Chesapeake Harbour

Susan Pitcher - Hunt Meadow

Barbara Tower - Annapolis

Carole Alexander - Murray Hill

Millie Bowers - Edgewater

Abbey Iliff - Hillsmere

Monique Kelso - Annapolis Cove

Lucie Lehmann - Broadneck

Carrie Grimes - Murray Hill

Julie Carstensen - Annapolis

Deborah Gurley- Selby-on-the-Bay

Lynn McReynolds - Bay Ridge

D'Ann Koury - Churchton

Marilee (Ginger) Schobe - Churchton

Georgie Berkinshaw - Murray Hill

Victoria Hadhazy - Hunt Meadow

Barbara Cantor - Edgewater

JoAnne Stone - Selby-on-the-Bay

Pat Muth - Heritage Harbour

Denise McAdams - Eastport

Nancy Libson - The Landings

Catherine Nilsson - Churchton

Jean Owens - The Landings

Kathy Rotondaro - Shady Side

Dr. Gayle Skeete - Oyster Harbor

Laura Palmer - Highland Beach

Carol Swan - Oyster Harbor

Victoria Barstow - Annapolis

Jory Mattison - Mimosa Cove

Sanda LeBlanc - Lothian

Frieda Wildey - Eastport

Anne Heald - Eastport

Freddy Struse - Downtown Annapolis

Jane Walter - Fair Haven

Pat Frese - Eastport

Terry Henson - Annapolis

Jennifer Glendening - Chesapeake Harbour

Ann H. Wolfe - Deale

Dr. Tracy O. Garrett - Lothian

Deb Fortier - Wardour

Linda Cangin Bennett - Heritage Harbour

Kitty Higgins - Acton's Landing

Carroll McGillin-Greve - Annapolis

Heidi Petras - West Annapolis

Susy Smith - Eastport

Bronwyn Belling - Homewood

Alice Chambers - Chesapeake Harbour

Jette Findsen - Tracys Landing

Lee Finney - Eastport

Cheryl Miller - Wild Rose Shores

Melissa Miller - Wild Rose Shores

Phyllis Naditch - West Annapolis

Rebecca Savidge - Annapolis

Peggy Summers - Annapolis

Carolyn Richards - Eastport

Siena Scott - Hunt Meadow

Karen Sanders - West River

Lauren Dunleavy Cashion - Admiral Heights

Sophie Macaluso - Hunt Meadow

Jackie Wells - Bloomsbury Square

Sue Pitchford - Cedarwood Cove

Eileen Powers

Joy Sexton - Annapolis

Patti Mitchell - Hillsemere

Liz Vanden Heuvel - Annapolis

Cassie Kearney - Admiral Heights

Diane Butler - Eastport

Mary Dadone - Edgewater

Jessie Dunleavy - Murray Hill

Dana Cole - Hillsmere

Cara Johnston - Timber Creek

Barbara Cooper - Annapolis

Emily Legum - Annapolis Roads

Tracy Rinehart - Murray Hill

Betsy Dudley - Annapolis

Anne Harrington - Eastport

Lois Kelberman - Murray Hill

Michael Matthews - Eastport

Sharon Murray - Eastport

Mary Sobray - Eastport

Robin Soma-Dudley

Beth Denniston - Shady Side

Jennie Bloom - Homewood

Keely Dunleavy Fitzpatrick - Eastport

Jane Lipscomb - Eastport

Gail Smith - Annapolis

Terry Berg - Mayo

Erin Snell - Oyster Harbor

Virginia Woolridge - West Annapolis (Wardour)

Nadine Chien - Eastport

Melanie Hartwig-Davis - Loch Haven

Melanie Miller - Annapolis Towne Centre

Georgia Osterman - Heritage Harbour

Laura Quick - Loch Haven

Pat Freiberg - Shady Side

Jessica Corcelias - Shady Side

Ellen Dinerman - Deale

Jen Mihills - Timber Creek

Marthena Speer Cowart - Deale

The Honorable Sheila Finlayson - Annapolis

Susan Hardy - Annapolis

Vicki Meade - Eastport

Nancy Youmans - Churchton

The Honorable Elly Tierney - Annapolis

Olga Scher - Annapolis Towne Centre

Christine Stevens - Annapolis Towne Centre

Linda Buchanan - Shady Side

Denise Lindhall - Annapolis Towne Centre

Vimla Sim - Annapolis Towne Centre

Arlene Berlin - Eastport

Dr. J. Elizabeth Garraway - Eastport

Trish Irvin - Annapolis

Dawn Stoltzfus - Annapolis Roads

Anastasia Hopkinson - Annapolis Roads

Dotty Chaney - Lothian

Bess Demas - Annapolis

Jean Russo - Annapolis Towne Centre

The Honorable Shaneka Henson - Annapolis

Marian Kartage - Arundel on the Bay

Elvia Thompson - Eastport

Louise Dunlap - Tracys Landing

Susan Allen - Arundel on the Bay

Elizabeth Ashbourne - Eastport

Liz Barrett - West Annapolis

Janet Berry - Eastport

Sarah Blaser - Deale

Michelle Bouchard - Annapolis

Alice Cain - Annapolis

Laura Carr - Edgewater

Julie Breed - Eastport

Erin Appel - Eastport

Moira Cyphers - Annapolis

Rachel Dawson - Harwood

Hilary Falk - Homewood

Allie Gilbreath - Eastport

Laurie Goodwin - Annapolis

Caitlin Johnston - Mayo

Anne Klase - Annapolis

Catherine Klase-Markey - Eastport

Ginny Trulio - Eastport

Jean McCoy - Eastport

Catherine Briggs - Selby-on-the-Bay

Patsy Helmetag - Eastport

Lyle Fowlkes - Annapolis

Joan Bennett - Fair Haven

Katie McDermott - Murray Hill

Amy Calhoun - Harwood

Donna King - Selby-on-the-Bay

Andreana Donohue - Churchton

Heidi Katz - Hunt Meadow

Cathryn Tallerico Fretwell - Hunt Meadow

Jessica Praley - President's Hill

Judy Bajoris - Heritage Harbour

Linda Allen - Eastport

Sue Warren - Heritage Harbour

Barb Gruber - Eastport

Melissa Sherwood - The Landings

Bess Gillelan - Hillsmere 

Nancy Bowman-Williams - Highland Beach

Carol Cronin - Bay Ridge 

Melissa Dann - King James Landing

Sara Hougland - Edgewater

Jeannie Egan - Churchton

Barbara Haight - Murray Hill

Amanda Spake - Churchton

Denise Bello - Tracys Landing